I speak to a lot of empaths/sensitives and lightworkers every day. I am one myself and the biggest problem we face is how we handle negative and toxic people and situations. The nature of a sensitive soul is to feel others emotions as our own. One minute we can be happy and the next an emotional wreck, angry or even suicidal. The most important thing is to realise that these are not our own emotions.

When we encounter a negative or toxic person the damage it can do is enormous. For non sensitive souls you might just shrug the encounter off and say “Yeah Whatever” or respond in a reciprocal manner and be done with it. For the sensitives amongst us we take it in very deeply to our core. These wounds hurt us, limit us and keep us stuck.

This is why self care for the sensitive soul is so so important. We need to maintain our emotional and energetic health and be committed to keeping on top of this or we will become drained and burnt out. Many sensitive souls are drawn to work in negative situations to add light and heal. The more sensitive we get the less we can do this, I know as I have burnt out twice from working in negative environments dealing with pain and suffering every day.

The biggest help for sensitive souls is to do cord cutting regularly. This is something you can do yourself and you should do it after encountering a negative person or situation, after working with clients and any time through out the day that you feel you may be taking on other peoples “stuff”.

Just walking down the road and smiling to someone can create a cord from them to you, they don’t know it has happened and they can unconsciously drain your energy. This is why you often feel exhausted after going out into busy places and crowds. It is not a deliberate action on their part but it is damaging to sensitives none the less.

Cord cutting is a process of breaking energetic ties to people, and is super effective especially if you have toxic people around you. So when I do it I use Archangel Michael – ok this is woo woo, but if you are a sensitive you will get me. Do this as often as you feel necessary.  I also do a deep cord cutting process with my private clients.

Here is the process:

Call in Archangel Michael to stand before you with his sword. You may feel his energy or sense his bluey/purple aura.

This is a picture from one of Doreen Virtue’s Oracle cards.


Then ask him to use his sword to cut any negative cords that are draining your energy. You may get a sense of the cords coming out of you. I see mine as rope like structures attached to me. See him pulling the cords away from you and you may feel a sensation in your body as he does this. See the cords as tendrills that he pulls out from you. He will also pull these out from the people that are draining your energy.

Next call in Archangel Raphael to pour healing energy into the wounds where the cords and tendrills were attached to you. He will do this at the other end to the people they were attached to as well. I usually see this as a beautiful emerald green light. Below is a visual of Archangel Raphael again from one of Doreen Virtue’s beautiful card decks.

archangel raphael

After doing this you should feel at lot better. It is always worth remembering if you are feeling drained or tired to cut cords first.

If you want any help with this or have any questions, just get in touch.