Egyptian Cartouche

ankhOnly available to students who have level 2 of Reiki or Tera Mai Seichem.

This is a two day course where you will receive a total of 25 attunements each of which will attune you to an archetypal energy or symbol used in Ancient Egypt or Atlantis. These attunements are very powerful and have the ability to bring profound changes in healing and psychic capabilities.

When using the energies they can bring about characteristics of that particular vibration deep within us, allowing us to channel that energy. For example channelling Horus would allow us to call forth the associated qualities of physical healing, courage and heroism.  You can use the symbols for talismans, in divination or for sending the energies to others.

These initiations will help you develop psychically and on a spiritual level are especially good for those which a particular interest in the magic of Ancient Egypt.

The 25 Initiations:
•       Osiris – wisdom, justice, integrity, stability, responsibility
•       Isis – nurturing mother, compassion, magic
•       Horus – physical healing, courage, heroism, harmony, creativity
•       Bast – mental healing, intuition, psychic protection, joy
•       Thoth – soul healing, law, fate, Lord of karma and time
•       Nephthys – hidden knowledge, psychic gifts, mysticism, tranquility
•       Ptah – architect of the universe, masculinity, craftsmanship, practicality
•       Anubis – protection, guidance
•       Set – healing of shadow side
•       Fire – energy, creativity, loyalty, passion
•       Air – communication, intellect, travel
•       Water – empathy, fluidity
•       Earth – possessions, industry, finances, conservation, growth
•       Sirius – universal awareness, spiritual stamina, physical and mental strength
•       Lotus – peace of mind, placidity, serenity
•       Crook and Flail – taking back own authority, self-discipline, worldly status
•       Uraeus – power, wisdom, integrity, occult adeptship
•       Winged Disk – success, divine guidance, inspiration
•       Twins – connection to twin flame, integration, partnership
•       Sphinx – observation, patience, strength
•       Scarab – change, rebirth, renewal, transformation
•       Pyramid – initiation, timelessness
•       Ankh – love, emotional fulfilment, breath of life, key to life
•       Buckle of Isis – fertility in endeavours, fidelity, growth
•       Hathor – fortitude, nourishment, femininity, confidence, protective mirror which deflects negativity away from you

Cost: £300 including comprehensive manual and certificate

Egyptian Cartouche Mastery Level

Thie one day course is open only to Tera Mai Seichem and Reiki Masters.

Learn how to attune others to the energies of the Egyptian Cartouche.

Cost: £175