Future Life Progression

future life progression

Future Life Progression is taking the world by storm.   Sheila is one of only a few Advanced Future Life Progression Practitioners in the world.  Sheila will guide you under hypnosis to explore your most probable future, if you stay on the same path that you are on now and look five and ten years into the future. This will allow you to look to see what changes you need to make to achieve the best outcome.

You can explore alternative life paths and you can access your future lives, often going hundreds of years into the future to gain all kinds of insights and learn from the experiences you have then. You can bring back your learnings with you to help you in this life.  Imagine looking at your future relationships, children and homes.  You can look at businesss ideas in the future to see if they are viable.

FLP is based on the idea that time is circular, (spiral) NOT LINEAR, meaning that past, present and future exist all at the same time.

Cost & Payment
•       Sessions last for up to 90 minutes
•       Cost per session: £120
•       Cancellations: 24 hours notice is required
•       Can be done in person or by skype