Sheila has been reading Tarot and working as a psychic consultant for the last 15 years. She also works with spirit, bringing guidance and advice from the angelic realms and ascended masters.
A Tarot Reading with Sheila can help you with all of life’s challenges that you may be facing. Whether you need guidance regarding a relationship, business, career or your spiritual development, a reading with Sheila will offer you the support and answers that you need to move forward. Using The Faulkner Tarot, the first modern black and white photographic tarot cards which show images from everyday life, Sheila gets to the heart of the issue very quickly and is able to give you answers to your questions in a positive and uplifting way.

Tarot Reading: 30 Minute  £45 


Tarot Reading: 60 Minute £75


Emergency Tarot Reading: 30 Minute £100

For emergencies I have same day slots available but these will be later in the evening.  The charge for a same day reading is £100 for 30 minutes.


Starseed Reading: £60 via Email

In this reading I will tune into your star of origin and advise you on key attributes of who you are and where you have come from.  I will look at life purpose and soul callings.  I will also provide a meditation to connect to your star of origin.  You will also receive channelled guidance and a card reading.  This will be done remotely and the lead time will be around two weeks for completion.  You will be emailed your reading and meditation once it has been completed.


3 Question Email Reading: £30

If you have some specific questions you need clarity on then an email reading is perfect for you. On booking I will contact you to get your three questions and then I will email you the answers.  I normally voice record the reading as I can talk much more than I can type!



Sheila has been intuitive since childhood and has been working spiritually for many years. She uses the Psy Cards, The Faulkner Tarot and Crystal Ally Cards along with Angel Cards. A reading with Sheila will be insightful and informative and will get to the heart of the issues that most need addressing.  Sheila has extensive training in dealing with those who have experienced traumatic events in their lives and communicates with her guides and the Angels and Ascended Masters during her readings who can offer support and guidance.

angelShe is also a Master Angel Practitioner and offers Angel Readings either in person or remotely over the telephone. We all have angels who are with us doing their best to communicate with us and guide us. Our angels want us to have happy and fulfilled lives, so let them guide and empower you through an angel reading.  Prior to an angel reading Sheila will “tune into” the angels that are with you and find out from them what they want you to know. You can also ask your angels any questions you wish to have answered by them and find out which Archangels and Ascended Masters are with you.  The angels love to give assistance and can give advice on any area you require guidance in – whether it is about your health, your life purpose, meeting a soul mate, your work or indeed, the lives of others.
You can find out more about the angels that are with you get information about your pets or any aspect of life past, present or
future.  Each reading is both inspiring and supportive and you will find yourself connected with your heart’s true desires, giving you the clarity to move forward with ease.

Angel Reading: 60 minutes £150 – includes remote tuning in to your energy beforehand to provide in depth information on your aura, chakras, spirit guides and guardian angels along with intuitive anatomy.




All Tarot Readings are for entertainment only and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of a reading or other service. You must be over 18 years of age to use our services.