Animal Communication

animal communication

What is Animal Communication?

Animals communicate through feelings and an animal communicator tunes into these feelings and interprets them thus providing information to the owner on the pet’s physical and emotional well being. This is the most natural form of communication there is and as a communicator I have to quieten my mind so I can tune into the feelings. I can do this remotely over the phone with the use of a photograph or I can do a home visit.  During the consultation I spend some time initially tuning into the animal, the results are then fed back to the owner in order to establish that I have made a connection with the pet. We can then work on the any specific issues you may have. If no connection is made then a full refund will be given.
I am an Animal Communication Practitioner having trained with James French, and I am fully insured to practice.

How Animal Communication Can Help?

•       Building on your relationship with your pet
•       Assisting Vets and other Animal Related Professionals identify physical and emotional problems
•       Helping your pet with emotional and behavioural problems
•       Helping Rescue Animals
•       Communicating with animals that have passed over and relaying messages back to the owner
•       Helping owners with the grief process after their pet has passed over
•       Helping to find lost pets
•       Animal Healing Techniques


animal comms


Lost Pets

When our pets go missing it can be a stressful time for both the owner and the animal. As an animal communicator I can tune into your pet, help track their movements and hopefully get a location for them. I can try and get them to find their way home or to give me some clues as to their locality so that you can bring them back safely. I cannot guarantee you will find your pet but I will do all that I can to help the process.  The first thing I would need would be a photograph of your pet to connect to, I would then feedback the information I receive and if I have a good connection I can then work on helping you find your pet.

Animal Bereavement

When our pet dies we are often left with feelings of guilt – “did I do the right thing, could I have done more”? When we grieve we need to go through a process of pain and sadness and sometimes this can be a dark and lonely time for us. We miss our pets dearly and what to know that they are happy in the spirit world.  Sometimes our pets feel our sadness and do not cross over into the spirit world, instead hanging on to their owners. They may not realise that they have died and in this case they may need some assistance moving over to the spirit world. Using techniques developed by James
French I can help your pet cross over safely to the spirit world, this process also helps the owner with the grieving process. I can also do technique with the owner to help them with the grieving process and to change those feelings of sadness to feelings of love and happiness.

Animal Healing

horseI can help your animal on a physical and emotional level. I use Reiki for healing and details can be found on the therapy pages.  I also use a technique called Compassion Release which can help with trauma issues. I tune into your animal and allow your animal to share the feelings surrounding this trauma with me and I channel this feeling out for them thus allowing them to release the emotions relating to the trauma. This is a beautiful technique to use and you may notice your animal release and relax as I do the process. I can do this remotely over the phone or in person.



Cost & Payment
•       Sessions last for 60 minutes
•       Cost per session: £60
•       Cancellations: 24 hours notice is required



Although home visits are the same price, travel to and from your home is charged at 70p per mile – a separate invoice will be issued.